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Welcome to LinkShul

What is a community? A community is a place where people share and care. It offers various services to people and modes of entry into Yiddishkeit: whether through acts of Chesed, connection and love in times of joy, grief, and any other day in the lives of our members, or through various events and services in the Shul.

Living in the wider Johannesburg Jewish community, we are blessed that we have one of the vastest network and infrastructure of Jewish organizations.



Once upon a time, a Shul was everything for all things Jewish. Social and communal interactions and involvement happened within a Shul environment. Today this is, often, no longer the case. With special organizations dedicated to the variety of needs of our Jewish community, the Shuls are left struggling to find their unique niche in connecting with individuals. It might seem that prayer, learning and food are often the only offerings and attractions to a Shul, and when those don’t connect to certain individuals then we have members and friends who feel alienated from the community.

So here is the question: What does a Shul offer that is specialized and unique to a Shul community? Why should we all grow our connection and involvement in this community?

Answer: We offer CONNECTION.

It is clear that the only knowledge that really transforms people is the knowledge of relationships
There are many Jewish organizations in JHB, however the only organization and environment that cares about the whole you and wishes to deepen that connection – is a Shul. A Shul is a place where the Rabbi and Rebbetzin, our office team and volunteers are passionate to get to know you! Slowly and surely they get to know more about you; your family background and environment you live in, your passions, interests, pet peeves etc. And they invest their heart and soul to connect to you.

This is a Shul: the place that doesn’t cater for a part of you; it cares for all of you.

In other words: it’s a place of absolute holistic caring, a place that we will love you unconditionally. We will get to know you and do our best to offer value to your physical, emotional and spiritual self. This is LinkShul! 

Sat, 22 June 2024 16 Sivan 5784