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South Africa and the Jewish communities that exist within its borders are unique. We as South African Jews firmly believe that no one will look after a child better than his or her parents. Similarly, no one will look after a community better than its members.

We at LinksShul and the full security team support the mission of the CSO which is to protect Jewish life and the Jewish way of life.
We are proud of the following achievements to date at Linkshul:
• We have multiple trained community members leading teams of community member protectors.
• There are multiple community members involved in security at our shul.
• There is not a Friday night, Saturday or Yom Tov that passes without community members standing shift at our shul. This happens irrespective of rain or shine.
Safety of our members is key and we are pleased that our members can daven in shul with the comfort that other community members are watching the doors.
Sat, 22 June 2024 16 Sivan 5784