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New Couple Hired! 

It is with great excitement that we update you with regards to the decision made about our future youth leaders.

On Sunday the 26th of June 2016, the Linksfield Shul, in partnership with Mizrachi South Africa signed a contract which confirms that Greg and Hannah Bank will officially become the new Youth Rabbi and Rebbetzin at our shul. The contract specifies a 2 year deal with room for extension.

After multiple referrals and internal suggestions, the shul undertook to interview the couple. Greg and Hannah were interviewed multiple times over Skype and in person while still in Israel. However, there was a definite need to allow for the community to comment. The couple was brought out for a week to meet the community. This proved to be an incredible success, as they were well received by everyone involved.

We made certain to consult every madrich on an individual basis before the decision was concluded. We also asked various parents for their input. The feedback was very positive. Greg and Hannah showed an aptitude and depth to their educational methods and ways. They made a deep impression on many.   

Therefore, after an extensive period of consultation, it was determined that the hiring of this new youth couple is a positive and healthy next step for our community. It was a unanimous decision amongst the rabbis, exec and youth committee. And we feel confident that they are the right team at the right time.

Simultaneously, Hannah has been hired by King David Linskfield. This provides tremendous opportunity to grow our connection and synergize with the school.

Greg and Hannah will live in the Bayit at 81 Club Street and they have an exciting vision for this property. They are expected to join in early August. And they have begun building their strategy and plans going forward.  

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Mizrachi South Africa in hosting this world class couple. The partnership allows for us to create another synergy as well: between Glenhazel and Linksfield.

We look forward to welcoming Rabbi Greg and Hannah to our community. We cannot wait to get kicking! 


Youth program

Sadly we say goodbye to Nati and Jolee. We thank them for all the time and effort they dedicated to the youth of our Shul and we wish them success for their future endeavours.

The current maddies will continue to run the program in the interim. A new and exciting youth program is currently being put together and we'll announce all the details once finalised.

The past year in review

Over the past year the youth program of our Shul has shown tremendous growth. Some of the highlights include:

  • Shabbat Youth Shiur- The team are very excited to have started a Shabbat shiur for the youth. This is a 10-15 minute shiur in which quick, relevant and important lessons are shared with the youth of Linksfield. The shiur is open to grade 8's and older. They love learning torah and look forward to the weekly shiur. 
  • Youth Lunches- Since starting at LSHC Nati and Jolee have hosted 35 lunches including Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. This is the true highlight of Shabbat for them and the madrichim as it provides a positive, happy Shabbat experience. On Average they host 25-30 people at a time. These lunches have been very successful and they look forward to growing them in the future.
  • Purim- Started with a fantastic interactive video session held in the “Beduion Tent” in which children were kept entertained through the use of games, songs and videos. Over 100 mishlach manot packets were made for all the children who attended the evening event. Over 150 children attended the day function making Purim a fantastic vibe all round. Camels, snake shows, jumping castles, beading, sand art and delicious food were only a few of the fantastic activities that were on offer.
  • Pesach- Friday night/Yom Tov meals and lunches were hosted throughout the chag. Over 10 services were held throughout the chag and each one was carefully planned and well executed.
  • Shavout- “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” A fantastic event at the Shavout lunch was held by the youth with the guidance of Asher Marcus and Nati Levit. In addition to this, the Bikkurim ceremony was held and many baskets of fruit and food were donated to Yad Aharon by the Linksfield Community. They were so grateful for the donation and responded immediately with a thank you letter.
  • Challah Bake- At the event, 28 batmitzvah girls attended and great fun was had by all. It was here that the girls were taught the importance of making challah and what each ingredient represents. They were each given a brocha card and were taught how to separate challah. There was a wonderful, positive atmosphere and this event was a great success.
  • Bnei Akiva Shabbaton-  The youth team hosted a Bnei shabbaton in which over 70 children attended. 
  • DIJE/KD School- LSHC currently has a positive and on-going influence in the School. With Brandon Davis working for the DIJE; Maddrichim visits; Nati giving Shiurim in the school; training the Dije team and going on encounter - more and more people are hearing about LSHC and are being exposed to the enthusiastic vibe in the Shul.
  • Pirkie Avot- A weekly Perkie Avot programme is held every Friday nigh for the Grade 6 & 7 Barmi boys. They are taught a chapter a week (+/- 25min) followed by some down time where they get to catch up and "chill" with each other and the madrichim. This group is also growing and has +/- 8 per week. A few weeks ago the boys received a certificate for competing the first chapter of perkie avot.

This is just the start of the journey. The potential for growth is limitless

The highlight for many of the younger children is the Kiddush which is held in the Shul every Friday night. It's a joy to hear the chazzan and choir recite the Kiddush as the chldren line up each holding a glass (and sometimes more than one) of grape juice.


The amazing youth team of LSHC

Some of the madrichim and youth of LSHC

The Youth team would like to thank everyone who has extended a hand and has made a positive contribution to the Youth in the past year. They would especially like to thank the entire team and all the madrichim who have been fantastic in their contributions to the overall running of the youth. They look forward to another happy and successful year at the Linksfield Senderwood Hebrew Congregation. 

Should you have any feedback, comments or would like to get involved please feel free to pop the team an email:

Fri, 22 February 2019 17 Adar I 5779